Packaging for Fedora/EPEL

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Packaging for Fedora/EPEL

Where can I get the source for CQRLOG? I'll happily package it up for Fedora and EPEL (in RPM) for users of those operating systems.

Eric W4OTN

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Re: Packaging for Fedora/EPEL

Hi Eric,

I already have spec file and if you want, I'll send you it via email. Truth is, I didn't try to build my own rpm files, I got the file from Rik AB1KW.

It would be great if you could be a maintainer of CQRLOG for RPM distributions.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

RE: Packaging for Fedora/EPEL

I'll happily take any work you've already done. I need the source for building, too. You can email me at w4otn at arrl dot net.

Eric W4OTN

Not sure if our lines got

Not sure if our lines got crossed on this. I don't think I received anything from you. If you have a SPEC file already made I'd happily take this. I'd also need the source files to build the binaries with in the package.

Fedora pakage

Just yum-installed and seems to work ok.
TNX for packet.