ADIF import problems

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ADIF import problems

I just installed CQRLog on Linux Mint 12 and imported my log as an ADIF file from DXLab. I see several problems. First, there are 4978 QSOs in the ADIF and CQRLog only imported 4975. Second, The log page says DXCC=305 when I believe it should say 308. Third, the log page also says DXCC CFM = 228 when it should say 305. Any help sorting out these differences is greatly appreciated.

73, Mark WC5M

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Re: ADIF import problems

Hello Mark,

could you send me the adif file, please?

Did DXlab show also deleted countries? Maybe you will have to check the countries list from DXLab to CQRLOG to find out what countries are missing. Then find the callsign and check if there is a problem in DXLab or CQRLOG country tables.

73 Petr, OK2CQR