New user of CQRLog

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New user of CQRLog

Dear Petr!

I wish you all the best in 2012, good health and success in business!

This topic needs no answer! I'm just writing to say I'm happy to found this logging software.

I was looking for a linux log for a few years (not very intensiv I must say) and all I saw did not met some of my "needed gadgets".
Three weeks ago I found CQRLog and I really was impressed of its features.(But no time to test it...)

Today I started trying CQRlog with my log data:

-Program starts well and import of data was not really a problem.
-As expected the statistic of imported data did not show up correctly in the first go.
-Program crashed several times, but as I have some other problems on that machine that may result from other than CQRLog.

All in all: what I see is a good looking program and I will continue with testing it. Hopefully I can change to CQRLog and became a new user of it. I really want to leave the last Windows program behind me!

CQRLog runs under: AMD Athlon 3500+ (64-bit) Ubuntu 11.10 with Gnome Desktop.
(Logging software for the last 15 years: DX4Win)

vy 73 de DJ9CW, giorgio