32 libarires in 64 bit Debian

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32 libarires in 64 bit Debian

If anyone is having problems getting the new cqrlog-0.7.0 to start as I did last night (with libhamlib.so.2 error). I found this solution to install 32 bit libraries in Debian 5.0 x86_64.

First go this to this page and read the howto.


And get the libhamlib2 package from here.


Open terminal as root and install basic libraries, than cd to libhamlib2 file you downloaded and write these commands to install.

dpkg -X libhamlib2_1.2.7.1-1_i386.deb /emul/ia32-linux

Leave terminal open and type this command as root.


And you should have 32 bit hamlib library installed and now should be able to start the new CQRLOG.

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Re: 32 libarires in 64 bit Debian


thank you very much! May I send this very good tip also to cqrlog@yahoogroups.com?

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Yes. It will help a lot of

Yes. It will help a lot of people as it did for me. Thanks Petr and Martin for the excellent linux logging software.