LOTW TQSL singing error

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LOTW TQSL singing error

Not sure if this is a bug in CQRlog or in TQSL, either way there might be something that could be done in CQRlog to mitigate the confusion.

It seems as though there's an issue with the way CQRlog interfaces with TQSL where trailing white spaces in the call sign field cause a signing problem and that problem is not being reported back to the user in a why that lets the user resolve the issue.

I ran into this problem this morning while attempting to upload to LOTW. CQRlog would not bring up the password window after pressing the export and sign button... It gave no error and when I hit upload CQRlog crashed with the famous dialogue box of "ignore and risk data corruption"

After making sure that the TQSL line was correct I decided to see what would happen if I used the TQSL program to manually sign the ADIF file.

The TQSL program promptly informed me that E51D was not a valid call sign ??

when I opened up that contact for editing I noticed that there was a trailling white space in the call sign fiald. As can be expected after deleting the white space CQRlog was able interface correctly with TQSL and upload successfully to LOTW..

The problem seems to be with the way cqrlog deals with errors or the lack of errors from the TQSL signing program. Now I don't know how difficult it would be to fix this issue.

What ever the fix is it doesn't have to be elaborate, even something as simple as redirecting the error output from TQSL to a CQRlog dialogue box would be helpful.. As it is now there is no indication whatsoever what the problem might be and others like myself might assume that there a problem with their tqsl certificates....


Correction... Should have been TQSL "signing" not "singing"

Shezzz how did I miss that... Sorry about that my dyslexia acts up when I'm tired...