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Hi.....when setting up the Preferences i added QH30HS to the Locator field....but the Grayline map has not changed....VK is shown in the dark but it is daylight here.....
what have i missed in the setup...
have read the help file but cant find a reference to this

David VK4BDJ


hi...this is the Red Faced dept....i found the Program screen of Preferences i had to put an offset for both the time and greyline.....10.00 fixed it...

sri for question

David VK4BDJ


Sorry to dredge up an old thread but why start a new on.

I found my location to be FM18HX at

In Herndon VA in the US

I do not see the yellow dot to change with my location. Am I to understand that the yellow dot is what my location is on the greyline yes?
Greyline shows the yellow dot on the west coast of Africa.

DO I set the greyline to be what my offset from utc?

For instance I am -4 hours from UTC should that be what my greyline offset to be?

Finally, For QTH do I need to put something specific? I have tried;
USA, US, Herndon, va and Virginia. Does it not matter what is put in QTH.

I hate to sound like an ID10T


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Re: Location


the yellow dot actually does not mark your QTH. Also if you enter a call you see a yellow line connecting your QTH and the target point, actually it is also not accurate because the connection should be not a straight line but a curve corresponding the great circle path. The map is in Mercator projection.

The primary aim of the grayline window is to display grayline :-) and nothing more. If you want to use it as a map you will get misleading results, however the grayline IS accurate (BTW a great help for low band DXing). I agree, the grayliner needs some work (next versions...). At least, we need the position of the Sun and probably a mark at your QTH. Stay tuned, please!

The literal description of your QTH is meaningless for the position and distance/angles computation. The position is determined by the grid locator.