New User - could not open cqrlog (broken after install)

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New User - could not open cqrlog (broken after install)

Just learning Linux, so apologies to experienced users. Sys: AMD Athlon XP2600+ 32bit. Radeon 9550XL. No proprietary drivers.
12.04 (Precise) downloaded May 2012, use Ubuntu desktop

Installed cqrlog from the above download. It is 1.2.2-2ubuntu1 per Synaptic Package Mgr.

When I try to launch program, only see grey rectangle in middle of screen.

I thought I saw a note from Petr that said this combination may be "broken".

Should I first UNinstall the current version before trying a later version?

Thank you all, Ws4f

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Re: New User - could not open cqrlog (broken after install)


unfortunatelly CQRLOG in Ubuntu repository is broken. Please add my personal repository and update it. How to do that is described in FAQ:

73 Petr, OK2CQR

broken install now fixed

Thank you, that was exactly the fix, (after a quick reboot) :)
I'm excited now about using the program for the first time. My goals with Linux / Ubuntu are to have a PC for ham radio activity, but yet also do the daily tasks a ham might want to do and do it all OPEN SOURCE.
I'll be looking for more good linux programs. Best regards and 73, Bill, Ws4f

Bill, ws4f

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Bill, you will find no better

Bill, you will find no better logger for Linux or Windows than CQRlog JMHO, you will also note that Fldigi is available for Linux, check your repository for that, then send me an e-mail, I will send you the file to enter into terminal, this will keep Fldigi updated to the latest version. HTH Tom K8WDX