Column width, new-qso-window

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Column width, new-qso-window

Hello Petr

I'm running v 1.5.1 on 2 different 12.04 machines.
The MySQLdatabase is running on a ReadyNAS.

The setting of the column-width stays ok if I only use the same machine in the shack,
but if I run cqrlog from the laptop, it changes the width, (to some default ?)

The two machines have different display resolution.
I have tried to figure out what happends, but no luck.

Is the column-width stored in the database, or is it in the ~/.config/cqrlog/cqrlog.cfg ?

73 de Børge /LA4VGA

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Re: Column width, new-qso-window

Hello Børge,

width of the columns is stored into database together with windows sizes and positions.
After you run CQRLOG and choose which log to open, it saves settings from database to ~/.config/cqrlog/cqrlog.cfg file. Probram works with it and before it closes the database, the file is stored back into it.

So the settings should be the same for your notebook and desktop machine. I have no idea what could happened. I tried it several times on my wife's computer and it worked as expected.

Please try it again and run CQRLOG from console. As far as I know, it should write column settings to console.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

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Hello Petr, and thank's for the answer.

I have tried to recreate the situation, but now it worked ok. :)

I have taken a backup of the ~/.config/cqrlog/cqrlog.cfg from both machines,
and also printed out from the database

mysql --host= --user=cqrlog --password=cqrlog cqrlog001
select * from cqrlog_config;

I guess the [frmNewQSO_dbgrdQSOBefore] -section is holding this information.

Both machines are running ubuntu12.04, but one has 64bit and english language, and the laptop has norwegian/32bit.

If this situation occures again, I will let try to capture it in a logfile.

73 de Børge/LA4VGA