CQRLOG celebrates 5 years anniversary

Five years ago was released the first version of CQRLOG - version 0.1.0. CQRLOG was the the best hamradio logging program for Linux. I hope, it's still the best.
It was based on Firebird embedded database. Program was build to run from user's home directory, no packages, no common directories. It had basic functions (DX cluster, Grayline, TRX control) for daily usage. CQRLOG was very fast even with one hundred thousand of QSO. Source code had about 600kB. Current version has 2MB.

I've installed Ubuntu 8.04 to VMware and made two screenshots:

Happy birthday CQRLOG!



Still the best program !

73 de Børge / LA4VGA

Happy birthday CQRLOG!

Congratulations CQRLOG! I can't think of any better logger for Linux and it keeps getting better.

Funny fact: CQRLOG celebrates its birthday at the same date my wife does! Should be easy to remember for me.

73, Tjalling PA3GOS.

Is it now easy for you to

Is it now easy for you to remeber the birthday of CQRLog or the birthday of your wife??

by the way

Happy Birthday CQRLog !!!
for me still the best logger ever!! not even in Linux !!
me and a friend have new ideas for CQRLog which we will post to forum perhaps
the next days..

Thanks Petr for that great software!!

Agree, HBD CQRlog, and this

Agree, HBD CQRlog, and this logger is the best one out there for any operating system.. Tom K8WDX
BTW new HP quad core 12 gigs of ram. super fast. got from a friend he had windows 7 on it, he thought I lost my mind when I stuck a Ubuntu 12.04 disk in it and wiped out win 7 without making a back up. hi hi.. Tom K8WDX

Happy birthday CQRLOG!

Thank you for a great program Petr! I will agree with the rest, the best logging program regardless of operating system. I have tried nearly all logging program for every OS, and CQRlog is the best!
Shawn, AD4SB