Download for 0.9.6?

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Download for 0.9.6?

I've got an old log file from version 0.9.6 that I'd like to import into the current version.  I'd like to use 0.9.6 to open up my old format file and export it into ADIF so I can pull it into the new version.
I'm not having any luck getting an active download link for that older version.  Can anybody point me to it or send me the file?  
Thanks, John N8CD

Found something

Hello John
I guess the author has a better answer, but I found an old download of that version.
Please give me a note on this forum when I can remove the file, (due to lack of space)
73 de Børge / LA4VGA

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Thank you!

Børge, thank you for the file. That is exactly what I needed.  I've downloaded it so you can remove the file.  Thanks! 

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Re: Found something

Hello Børge,
thank you for your help! Older version are still here on cqrlog website but after we moved to new drupal version, we had to delete the links. It was created by my own script to track how many downloads we have. It's not needed now and I have to rewrite all links to cqrlog binaries.
73 Petr, OK2CQR