Microkeyer II and MHUXD ?

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Microkeyer II and MHUXD ?

I try to use my microkeyer II USB together with CQRLOG and MHUXD.
I checked the conf of MHUXD - 4 dev are open (cat1, fsk1, ptt1, wk1) and ftdi_soi is loaded.
after plugin the mkII the devices are created (good) but I have no clue how to connect from CQRLOG the MKII usb.
Changing some parameter within fldigi - i see, that something happens at the mkII (e.g. the led of line blinks) - that tells me, that I have somewhere another error :)
Do someone have already this combination "running" - CQRLOG and microkeyerII and may give me some more hints to check my ubuntu 12.04 (Xbuntu with XFCE) or where to check what may be "missing"?

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Re: Microkeyer II and MHUXD ?

Hello Peter,
if you have an device to direct access to Winkeyer in Microham, you can set it in Preferences -> CW interface. So if you set /dev/wk1 as a device, it sould work.
73 Petr, OK2CQR

Well - within preferences I

Well - within preferences I set:
"Path to rigctld ..." /usr/sbin/mhuxd
Rig id model : 209 (TS850S)
Device /dev/ttyUSB0
Pollrate 500
PortNumber 4532
marked: "Run rigctld when program starts"
Serial parameters as for the TS-850S are normal (and used under WinXP/Win7)
4 Dev. are created /dev/mhuxd/cat1 ... /wk1  as mentioned in the mhuxd man file.
Therefore I think, mhuxd is running :) and cuse / ftdi_sio is valid and up as in demsg to be seen.
How to connect CQRLOG to the CAT interface? mysterious? ;)
CW is now not too interesting - that will be second problem :) But CAT ... needed for sure
Greetings DF1LX Peter

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Re: Well - within preferences I

Hello Peter,
please try to set only serial speed in cofiguration, other com port parameters set to "default". Please also check the permissions to device created by the Microham interface program.
And finally, please paste here what CQRLOG writes down when is starting. Thank you!
73 Petr, OK2CQR

Ok I got the hint to add my

Ok I got the hint to add my $USER to dialout -> done - but no change.
Settings:-----------------------------------------------------RigCtldPath:/usr/bin/rigctldRigCtldArgs:-m 209 -r /dev/mhuxd/cat1 -t 4532  -s 4800  --set-conf=data_bits=8,stop_bits=2RunRigCtld: FALSERigDevice:  /dev/mhuxd/cat1RigCtldPort:4532RigCtldHost:localhostRigPoll:    500RigSendCWR: FALSERigId:      209rigctld started!Result0:NResult1:YResult2:YConnected to localhost:4532CW initSELECT * FROM profiles WHERE visible > 0 ORDER BY nrSELECT * FROM profiles WHERE visible > 0 ORDER BY nr2013-01-18 11:32:06

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Re: Ok I got the hint to add my

Hello Peter,
RunRigCtld: FALSE
are you sure you have "Run rigctld after program starts" option checked?
73 Petr, OK2CQR

... now I am getting near to

... now I am getting near to the solution - very good - ..
"rigctl -m 209 -r /dev/mhuxd/cat1 -t 4532  -s 4800  --set-conf=data_bits=8,stop_bits=2rig_open: error = IO error "
and I am now able to find the error - I got it running - but only for some time - but I am now on my way
Thanks Petr for the hint and ... the rest may working this evening :)
Greetings PEter DF1LX