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QSLing Best Practice Help

I am finally getting ready to get caught up with all of my QSLing and updates. I have a box of cards to go through! As I started to look at the program. Here are my questions:
What do all of the QSL marking mean? There are more there than there is in the help file. Or are they in multiple places.
Is there a way to send some to the buro and others to GlobalQSL? I did not see a difference. I am guessing people do one or the other but not borh.
I did see the article "How to process QSO after a contest and print QSL labels". Great article!!
Is there a way to run a query for all of the needed countries, bands, modes, etc, etc ???
I know I will have more questions, but this should be me out of the woods ;-)
Will WC2L

Re: QSLing Best Practice Help

A big thank you to Petr for heling me get moving on my QSL cards!! He gave me many of this the tips and tricks needed to get moving quickly!! I do want to share all of them with you. You may have more as well...
CTRL+W to Open your QSO ListCTRL+F to find a QSOCTRL+R to mark a QSL_R as Q (received)CTRL+W to mark QSL_S as SB (sending buro) or SMB (Sending Buro via manager) if there is a manager. All of the S* means sending *To edit an LOTW entry - go to File -> Edit detailsF4 to edit a QSO - Handy for notes of updates
CTRL+S marks a card as Sent if you are manually filling in a card.
There is no Send Global QSL, but Petr suggested using another format if wanted.