Callbook support?

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Callbook support?

Can I ask, for information, what the "Callbook support" does?  I can't get it  to do anything and since I am not sure what it should be doing, I am having trouble debugging and telling what I am missing (I have accounts at both and  In particular, am I right that it shoud not look up the callsign until I enter the QSO?  Is there some way to check the call without entering it?

Oops, sorry to respond to my

Oops, sorry to respond to my own post but suddenly my HamQTH connection must have turned on because I now see the logo below the "Comment to callsign" when I enter the information.  Don't know what suddenly started happening but I llike it.  Sorry ofr the noise.  Jim

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Re:Callbook support?

Hi Jim,
callbook support downloads data from HamQTH/QRZ and insert it into right fields. If you have username and password filled in Preferences -> Callbook support, you can use F11 key to download callbook data (in New QSO window). Or you can check Enable autosearch on HamQTH/QRZ in Preferences -> New QSO and callbook data will be downloaded automatically.
The small icons in New QSO window open your browser with station you have in Callsign field.
73 Petr, OK2CQR