hamlib/rigctld static crashes

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hamlib/rigctld static crashes

I had noticed that periodically, I'd get static crashes that would hit, then go down in volumn, and repeat around every 8 seconds. I finally tracked it down to hamlib/rigctld. The crashes happen when I start cqrlog, which starts rigctld, or if I start fldigi. The crashes happen if I use hamlib or rigctld to control the radio.
This happens using 2 different machines, one running xubuntu 12.04 and one using opensuse 12.2.
My coax passes over (touching) the xubuntu machine and directly behnd the opensuse machine.
There is also sometimes a light static crackle when I connect the cat usb/serial cable.
Anyone have any idea what else I can check to try to eliminate the static crashes.
Any and all help appreciated.