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Again started trying to get my TS-440 working with cqrlog. Again NADA...???Strange thing, namely tried rigctl with JLOG and there it works, except no change mode, when taking station from cluster.
Ok, there it works, somehow, but not here. If I start rigctl from console.../usr/local/bin/rigctl -m 202 -r /dev/ttyUSB1 -t 4532  -s 4800
Rig command: f
get_freq: error = Command rejected by the rig
So, Hamlib? If I do command 
[oh1mrr@oh1mrr Lataukset]$ /usr/local/bin/rigctl -m 202 -r /dev/ttyUSB1 -t 4532  -s 4800  --set-conf=data_bits=8,stop_bits=2,parity=None,serial_handshake=Hardware
Config parameter error: Feature not available
So, I am not sure what JLOG uses, but kind of works. My friend have same problem with TS-2000. He had it earlier working, but now NADA, after some updates, not cqrlog, but system.
Hamlib version is, it is not Fedora package, neither cqrlog...Which is now 1.5.4.
This is quite confusing, eh?
Anybody have anything?