New machine setup - how to backup and restore

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New machine setup - how to backup and restore


currently I'm using cqrlog 1.5.2 an an old Suse 11.4.

Now I want up update the Suse system (on fdisk level!!).

What files have I to backup so I don't loose any data or configuration stuff ?
What must I do to restore on the newly installed system ?

My logfiles are mysql in ~home/.config/cqrlog/database/cqrlog002.


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Re: New machine setup - how to backup and restore

Hi Jürgen,

backup whole .config/cqrlog directory and all will be fine.

73 Petr, OK2CQR


I'm reading this information too late -- I've since lost the machine so I can't copy the entire .config/cqrlog directory, however I do have the latest backup from the last time I ran CQRLOG; is there no way to utilize this? (One would hope it's possible, else the backups would be useless.) Looks to me like the backup is a .tgz of an ADI file.


Just install Cqrlog to your new machine, start it and do QSO list/File/Import/Adif and find your backup file and select it.

You will get the qsos, but no settings. Unless you have made Database Connection/Utils/Export/configuration and have that file saved somewhere. Then you can do Database Connection/Utils/Import/Configuration using that file.

Note that Cqrlog has always configuration based by log. If you have several logs with different configurations you need to do Export/Import with all logs separately.

ADIF backups store just the qsos in log.