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Sporadic issue in finding previous QSOs by callsign

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Sporadic issue in finding previous QSOs by callsign


I'm running CQRLOG 2.5.1 installed from repository on Raspberry Pi with PI OS "bullseye", and it's usually running very well (thank-you).
Unfortunately I'm finding sometime sporadic issues that I'm unable to reproduce when inserting a new QSO with a station already contacted in the past.
It happens sometime that, after having typed the callsign of the station and of course used the tab key to move to the frequency field, previously made QSOs are not displayed in the upper part of the new QSI form, where they are usually listed.
This is a bit boring in the usual activity ("thank-you for the first contact..." "... But it's really the twelfth QSO that we have had..."), a bit worst during the contests, where it generates boring DUPE annoying the other station.
I have tried to find the key sequence that generates the issue, but without success.

Any help appreciated, thank-you
Iu1ipb Ugo

Sporadic issue in finding previous QSOs by callsign

Hi Ugo!

It seems like you do not have radio connected to cqrlog. Otherwise if checkbox "Auto" is checked and you press TAB-key when at the end of typing callsign cursor should jump directly to RSTs column.

You could try to press two times ESC-key always before starting to enter callsign. This should make sure NewQSO is clean for new callsign.
Does it help. (Might take some time to test if problem is random)

Why you do not use window/Contest form to feed qsos in contest? It has a primitive dupe check that should prevent dupes.

How ever version 2.5.1 the Contest form has got lot of updates lately.
If you can compile cqrlog from source it is mot recommended to do so. See this message cqrlog

If you cannot compile by yourself you could try my update script from
All you have to do is download, extract it and run It will do downloads, backups and update for you.
Please read the file first.


Sporadic issue in finding previous QSOs by callsign

Hi Saku,

thank-you very much for your answer.
My remarks :

a) you are right : I have no need to connection with the radio, because the mine is a 1979 built "fully analog" rod, no serial port at all... But it's running very well.
b) i will try to press two ESC : the strange is that the "tab" key usually it's enough, but sporadically no... but the "sporadic" is quite frequent.
c) contest : as I'm not a real "contester", I usually prefer to fill the text fill with progressive numbers / zone or whatever and extract the cabrillo using a MariaDB SQL query mad ad hoc. I find a bit tricky to create the filter and so on... in any case I will try next time as you suggested.
d) I have installed from repository and not compiled from source because the lazarus compiler it's really heavy for my poor RaspberryPI3 .... and some years ago I found dependency issues. In any case, if on your opinion it's better, I will tray again. Please note that I'm on Bullseye now.

Thank-you in any case

PS : in any case CQRLOG is the best... :-)