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callbook support

When I has open the first log I set the callbook support with I put my username and password, everything it's ok.
When I put new call in the windows appears informations of correspondent from, ok.
After I open e second log and has put same set for callbook support but if put new call don't give me nothing informations.
Why ?

callbook support


Check preferences/NewQSO is the "Enable auto search from checked.

Every log has it's own settings. You can have totally different logs, even for different callsigns in same cqrlog.

If you want same settings for other logs as your log #1 has (or what ever numbered log can be source) do it at start of cqrlog in "Database connection" window.
Click the log that you want the settings so that it becomes highlighted and then press button "utils" and form menu select configuration/export. Give a name for settings and save.
Then click another log that should have same settings so that it comes highlighted, press again "utils" and select configuration/import and find the file you just saved before and open it.

After that your second log has all settings set same way as your original configuration/export log had.