Mint 21 needs 2.6.0

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Mint 21 needs 2.6.0

I upgraded from Mint 20.3 to 21 and found I had issues with CQRLOG after I did mostly with rig control. I found that while it worked for my K3 and K4 I couldn't enter frequency manually when I was using one of my rigs that I don't control with CQRLOG. In a separate thread Saku OH1KH told me that the best thing I could do to fix things was install 2.6.0 by compiling it or by following an upgrade script he had created. I finally did that tonight - it was easy and seems to have fixed all my errors! This is the link that takes you to his upgrade script and easy to follow instructions:

Thanks again Saku!

73, Bill NZ0T

Mint 21 hang-up

I also just upgraded Mint 20.3 to Mint 21. Starting CQRLOG caused the OS to hang. The only escape was to switch off the computer.

Bill, after I read about your experience, I tried Saku's alpha upgrade script.
Instant gratification!
Every time I have a CQRLOG problem, Saku finds a solution (and rapidly!). My thanks also Saku!