crash with empty message box when browsing/searching/filtering logbook

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crash with empty message box when browsing/searching/filtering logbook


Been using cqrlog for several years without any kind of serious issues, and it's a great piece of software for the Linux ham :)

During the last months however, and a while before the upgrade to 2.3.0 (since around early spring), I have been experiencing sporadic crashes in the logbook view window (ctrl-O from "new qso"), either when browsing the logbook back in time several "pages" (using page-down key), or when searching for a log entry using the search form (ctrl-F), or filtering the log (F12). Currently using release ver. 2.3.0 (001). Before upgrading in june, I used several beta/test releases downloaded from OH1KH site.

What happens is an error message box appears, but with no message (nothing written on it), and no buttons to click. I can usually close the box either clicking the (X) on the box titlebar, or by pressing ESC or Enter on the keyboard. Usually then the box just pop's back up immediately, and I have to either click (X) repeatedly, or easier press the ESC key repeatedly (10 to 20+ times) until the box finally disappears. When it does, the logbook list is usually empty (blank window).

If I then click the "Close" button to return to the "New Qso" window, the same happens again, same way as before. Then, when the msgbox finally disappears, all seems normal - I can usually manage to log new qso's without any problems, but If I return to logbook window and perform some of the actions mentioned above it happens again. If I exit cqrlog completely and restart from desktop/launcher shortcut, the same thing happens again as soon as I enter the logbook window and try browsing or searching. The only thing that seems to prevent the issue from reappearing for a longer period is a computer reboot. Then it usually is ok for the rest of the day, probably longer.

Today the issue got so problematic that I restarted cqrlog in debug mode, and managed to save a debug log and a screenshot of the empty message box popping up.

Hope this information can be of help in debugging the issue. Not really sure if it's cqrlog related, or perhaps something in my Ubuntu installation making trouble. The debug log shows several "TApplication.HandleException Access violation" messages, that in number may correspond to the appearance of the blank message box..

I'm currently using Ubuntu 18.04 x64, upgraded a few weeks ago, and before that used 16.04 since mid 2016.

I couldn't find any way to upload attachments to this post, so I have posted the debug log and screenshot of the message box in my dropbox. Can be viewed from here:

Debug log:

73 de Anders, LA9NKA

crash with empty message box when browsing/searching/filtering l


I think you refer to a known scrolling bug that is discussed here several times:

Unfortunately there is no fix yet. The whole qso list window should be rewritten at that part.


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Crash on QSO Logg

I am having similar problems, CRQLOG 2.3.0 (001) and Ubuntu 16.04.
Cheers Clive GM4FZH