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LOTW re-export

Environment: Linux Mint 18, CQRLOG 2.3.0

Today I exported all my QSOs to a local ADIF file using the LOTW export option. I checked the box to mark the QSOs as exported after export. This worked fine and created a local adif file with all of my QSOs. After doing this I realized that I wanted to filter and only export the recent QSOs. I added a filter to the QSO list and re-did the LOTW export to local file, leaving the 'export only QSOs that never been uploaded' unchecked. The first time I did this the status message at the bottom of the window said exporting QSO 1 but all I got was an adif file with a file header as shown below. I have retried this several times including trying with no filter in the QSO window but now I don't get a status message at all. Clicking the export button seems to do nothing. I still get an empty adif file but never any QSOs. I tried restarting CQRLOG, restarting Linux but the result is still the same.

If I create a new test QSO and then run the LOTW export requesting all QSOs and leaving the 'export only QSOs that have never been uploaded' unchecked, I get an ADIF file with the single new test QSO. This issue seems to be with the functioning of the 'export only QSOs that have never been uploaded'. That seems to be behaving as if it is checked whether it is or not.

How can I re-create a file for LOTW with my QSOs?

Brian (K7TKT)

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Hi Brian,

Hi Brian,
try this procedure (from the main window):
File -> Show QSO List -> File -> Export -> ADIF


  • choose ADIF file name
  • Save
  • choose columns you wanted to export
  • OK

73 & HNY
Martin, OK1RR

LOTW re-export

Hi Brian!

Martin did give you a good advice.

You can also do it in "QSO list " window using File/Group edit.
But it is dangerous command that does not have ooops button. Always backup your log before using it !

First create filter by date(or other criteria) for what qsos you want to upload to LoTW.
When list looks good open File/Group edit.
Search for "LoTW QSL Sent" and select value as "N".
After "apply" pressed you should see column "lotw_qsls" to be cleared from "Y"s.

Now you can use loTW export and select "Export only QSOs that has never been uploaded"



LOTW re-export

Thank you both for the quick responses. I used the simple export from the QSO list window. I was unclear about whether the LOTW-specific export had additional functionality behind it, which was why I was trying to get that to work to re-export. All good here. 73 and thanks, Brian