Backup option wish-bug ;)

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Backup option wish-bug ;)


It would be great if cqrlog didn't create backup logs when no data were changed since starting the program. At the moment I have a lot of identical backup files, as I was running cqrlog just to check some log data...

Happy new year!

73 de sq9nox

Smart autobackup / recovery with reduced overhead?

Have to support this wish.. maybe a kind if cycle strategy ( backup 0..10 next 0 again.. once a week, once a month) may reduce the overhead of the autobackup function and allow a kind of safety rollback if any action screws up the database.

I really like the autobackup feature, and always on is the only "bullet prove" way to stay in business if any bad move crosses your day... but on the other hand it is a real pain to clean up all the backup files by hand.. of course a cronjob can do it for me, but this is to far away from the nice userfriendly preference taps of CQRLOG for simple use. (and.. if there is a backup.. you also need a "recover" button to be perfect)

This is really no "must have" feature request .. but CQRLOG is getting closer to a near perfect package from release to release so dealing with details may the only point left :)

So maybe worth a entry in the TODO with very low priority?

73 de Olaf / DL5YBZ

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RE: Smart autobackup / recovery with reduced overhead?

Hi Olaf,

thank you for nice sugestion. You are right. It would be great to have nice backup/restore function directly in CQRLOG. I'll add it to my TODO list but with very low priority. I'm sorry but there is a lot of other things to do like eQSL support, contest module, a lot of optimalization, skimmer support, better and faster band map, rotator support, grid statistic etc.

I don't use auto backup function. I have over 12 000 QSO in my log and this autobackup is boring :-). I wrote one script which uses 7zip and wput to upload to ftp server. My father uses a program that I wrote for him. It makes an archive and send it to gmail account. It works very well. When I make a QSO or change something in the log and close the program, I click to icon just next to CQRLOG icon and make a backup. Sometimes more then once a day. Maybe it is not so comfortable but it works :-).
Here is my backup script, maybe it helps.

#TARFILE=`date +%Y_%m_%d_%H_%M_%S`_cqrlog.fdb.tar.gz
TARFILE=`date +%Y_%m_%d_%H_%M_%S`_cqrlog.fdb.7z
cd /home/ok2cqr/hamradio/cqrlog_linux/log_data
#tar cvzf $TARFILE cqrlog.fdb
7z a $TARFILE cqrlog.fdb

I have other scipts to put statistics and my log to my home page. Maybe I could post it here, too. But don't know if anybody is interesting in it.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Interessted in scripts? YES SIR!

Hi Petr,

to answer your question: at least one person :) is very interested to see your scripts here in the forum, from my point of view it would be worth to open a new topic and post all these nice little tools into it.

Of course none of the script will work out of the box for everyone.. this is the risk of it.. you have to reflect your local needs to make them useful so this tools can't be as bullet prove as your nice installer is.

But on the benefit side, if is script is easy to understand, this is not too tricky and even if you are not used to make your own scripts, you would be able to modify one for your own needs with a little extra learning afford.. and this is Open Source at it's best. This is, why Linux (and all the other nice open source project) are not only nice software for free but a tool that can be shaped by the user.

(end of advertising block.. :) )

The problem with all backups is: you always wish to have one AFTER you screwed up the file ..this is why I like to have any kind of autobackup making snapshots in small steps. The SQL Console and the Group Edit are real powerful tools but there is no "undo" button and a typo may shredder your complete log.

Backup only the database seems to work for me too, the adif export seems to be even more clever because several programs are able to read this format and you may fix any kind of "killerdata" with the help of other adif tools or import backup direct to another Log supporting adif.
So even if CQRLOG fails to work, nothing is lost using this kind of open format.

To move CQRLOGs from one installation to another is really easy, I use a laptop for my /p qsos, a nice old box in my shack and a third PC for QSL / LOTW / eqsl work, so another basic task is to merge different logs of the same station and keep all logs in sync. Up to now all is possible by select the new QSOs from the "radio side" PCs, import it to the "Office / QSL PC" doing all the paperwork and finally distribute the .fdb file to the "radio PCs" to be up to date again.. but hell on me, if I enter new contacts in between :), but also here the auto .adif backup is a nice fallback line.

have I nice weekend.. any enjoy the summer :)

73 de Olaf / DL5YBZ