PPA doesn't support Focal. Mint 20

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PPA doesn't support Focal. Mint 20

Just updated to Mint 20 and wanted to add the PPA.
Error Message (bad Translation from German): PPA could not added. This PPA doesn't support focal.
PPA kann nicht hinzugefügt werden: »'Dieses PPA unterstützt focal nicht'«

Heinz-Juergen DO1YHJ

PPA doesn't support Focal. Mint 20

You can always install from tar ("other systems" at the end of download page).

Then you just need to manually install depended packages before, or after you have installed from cqrlog .tar
I would try to install just cqrlog first. With good luck you have all dependencies installed. If not, just add the requred ones.


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PPA doesn't support Focal. Mint 20

The linuxmint focal repository has CQRlog 2.4.0-3 allready.
So you can install it from there....

I tried this, but the package has a link to mysql in it, and therefor will install it.
The newer versions compared to LM19.3 will break things and CQRlog will not start.

To get it working (it starts and imports a log, did not test more yet) i installed MariaDB, and deleted the cqrlog folder in /home/username/.config (as i did not have anything in it yet)
Starting it then gave me a working CQRlog