CQRlog and CQWW contest

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CQRlog and CQWW contest

I used CQRlog for the contest, worked great, I created a new log called contest, then set up the DX cluster teal for new blue for new band, started with (0) qso's, as I worked them the the cluster and the band map easily showed what I had worked and what was entirely new, double clicking and moving around the band could not have been any easier, dupes easily showed in the main window, because remember,, I created a new log, for export I will move the log over to fldigi, then export in the right format, then I will merge the contest log with my daily log. and I will be done, I will keep the contest log on a thumb drive, the name of the file will be CQWW SSB DX contest 2013, and will remain a separate file as well as part of my daily logger. then only thing missing is a way to see what my score was, but to me I don't care, because I only participate, I don't compete.
I could also export to G-labels to create, mail labels, but I am not going to do that either,
BTW, before I export the contest log and merge it into my daily log, I go to group edit, remarks, then enter CQWW SSB Contest 2013, so when I am on the air and I run across one of these stations I can comment on the contest qso... Thanks Petr for an easy to use logger....