cqrlog 1.8.1 et linux mint

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cqrlog 1.8.1 et linux mint

I am under Linux Mint the last one, I have problem to open Cqrlog, this joined what is marked:
Error during connection to database,can not load defaut MySQL libary
( "libmysqlclient.so.16 " or "libmysqlclient.so " )
                     check your installation 
c'est quoi ???????????
73 de Philippe F4UMJ


In terminal:   sudo apt-get install libmysqlclient18
73 de Yuri

Hello Yuri,

Hello Yuri,
Thank you for your invaluable information concerning the modification has to make in Cqrlog, but knowing not at all the English language, to translate her I take IT translator.
Now I am going to try to see how I can incorporate my log of contacts stemming from Fldigi in Cqrlog.
Thank you and very cordially,
Philippe F4UMJ

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Fldigi, export log in adif,

Fldigi, export log in adif, cqrlog, open qso list file, import adif and that is it, then when you use Fldigi simply put CQRlog in Fldigi mode, as you make qso's they go into CQRlog automatcally. the only problem you will run into is with rig control, CQRlog and Fldigi dont like to work at the same time with rig control, they way I get around this is simply put CQRlog on rig# 2, I dont have a rig there but it takes rig control from CQRlog so Fldigi can use it. HTH Tom