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cwdaemon settings

I am using cwdaemon to key my tx. Currently I have no parallell port so I have to key via serial port, which works fine also when running rigctld to read rig data as frequency/mode etc.
To use the serial port as keying device I need to use the -d ttyS0 as an option to cwdaemon. Options apart from speed and port can not be set via the cqrlog interface and with the standard setup the  serial port keying is useless.
It works fine when I start cwdaemon outside cqrlog, but if I try to restart the keyerdevice from cqrlog, the dtr line is pulled high and keys the tx - ie useless.
So on the wishlist is the possibility to use additioal commands to cwdaemon.
Ideally I would like cqrlog the ability to use the internal keyer in my K3 which is by far the best option as this behaves basically as a winkey device or similar - but no need for YAB (yet another box).
Please read this as nice to have, but no necessity, as I have a workaround as cwdaemon is started in the computer start sequence.
73 de Olaf - LA3RK

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Re: cwdaemon settings

Hi Olaf,
CQRLOG doesn't run cwdaemon. It has to be started manually or with script after system start. CQRLOG only sends data using socked connection.
I'm sorry, I don't have any radio with CW support directly in hamlib. My TS-930SAT is dead, now using IC-746 borrowed from Dan, OK1HRA. Family budget indicates that in next a few years I won't buy any new radio :(. Hopefuly Honza OK2ZAW will fix TS-930...
73 Petr

Re: Cwdaemon settings

Thanks for info. I understand now that cwdaemon is started outside cqrlog, and I have cwdaemon started in the startup process.
FYI. I can key the K3 via the serial port, via rigctld (ie hamlib) or special commands sent the K3 via rigctld. The fine thing with using the internal keyer is that any touch of the manual keyer stops any message being generated - this is not the case when using cwdaemon.
73 de Olaf - LA3RK

Olaf Devik LA3RK

Im added this to wishlist

Im added this to wishlist also. Posibility to using internal keyer will be super, K3 and KX3 uses same commands to keying and changing speed, in N1MM its not so easy to setup but possible, Peter meybe you can add same functionality to CQRlog that funcion keys will be send cat commands that we can defined ?