Right click searches for QSL managers

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Right click searches for QSL managers

I would like to be able to right-click on a QSL manager in the QSO view/edit form and search them via HamQTH/QRZ directly.
Currently we can right click on the call worked, but if they have a manager listed in the database sometimes it is helpful to go straight to the manager's page.  The manager often lists requirements such as bureau/no-bureau, greenstamp requirements, etc.
Just recently I prepared a card for P40S which had an old manager listed in the database (from 2012).  The 2014 change was listed prominently on old manager's QRZ page, which allowed me to update my local copy of the database before mailing the card to the wrong manager.
Not sure if this is something relatively trivial to set up, or if the user interface would make this difficult to do.  If it doesn't require a major re-work it would sure be handy though.
Thank you!