problem with cw messages

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problem with cw messages

Hi All 
Maybe Im trying something that is not supposed to work but it would be very nice. I have setup a remote configuration with one PC connected to my rig via cw comport interface and cwdaemon. 
Then i have another PC with CQRlog installed. I have configured the cw interface to use cwdaemon on the PC connected to radio and it works like a charm when using the cw type window. 
But when i use the predefined macros, nothing happens. 
I would love to be able to use CQRlog remote. I control the rig via HRD running in wine on both PCs, works without problem. Sound transfered via Ekiga. also very good,
The only thing missing are the cw macros,
Any hint were to start digging?
CQR version 1.8.2
Both computers running Mint 17