Cwdaemon and spacing of words

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Cwdaemon and spacing of words

I'm just getting started with CQRLog, considering a migration from Xlog. I'm impressed, but am having trouble with keyboard CW using cwdaemon. (It's just fooling around; I don't really use keyboard CW on the air. Yet.) The problem is that "word mode" uses the space bar as a signal to begin sending the next word, and if the previous word has not completed yet the two words are mingled. All I can see to do is to type WordA, hit the space bar, type WordB while A is being sent, but NOT hit the space bar until WordA and a reasonable space have completed. This is awkward, basically unusable.
I don't recall this issue with cwdaemon in Xlog; the space bar "sent" a space, a time delay between words, as one expects. One could type a whole sentence ahead and it was sent properly.
What (if anything) am I doing wrong? I have cwdaemon 0.9.5-1.1 from the Kubuntu 14.02 repository.
EDIT: Just tested it in Xlog and it works there as I remembered. One can type ahead limited only by buffer size, and spaces between words are inserted properly.