Bug or Other Problem

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Bug or Other Problem

I've been off of CQRLOG since Ubuntu dropped support for RS-232 ports, and recently returned.

I have the rig control working normally, in that it reads the radio info correctly.

here's the problem...

For instance, the radio is set and operating on 14.02500 and I click
on a DX spot, the progream now shows the frequency as 114.02500.
If I am on a lower band, for instance 7.02500.. and I click a spot the
program now shows 107.12500

I have tried every combination of serial parameters with no sucess
I can only clear this freq error by switching to another radio and
back to the FTdx-1200 or restarting the program

Any Ideas.... it's frustrating !!

73 de Tom - K5VJZ