Trouble with Online Log

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Trouble with Online Log

The problem still exists with the Auto Upload Routine.
HRDLog wasn't Online, so some QSO couldn't saved in the Online Log. The next Day, HRDLog is Online again, but CQRLOG now fails to upload the previous QSOs. The Upload Routine tries to delete the "old" QSOs first, but it can't, because the QSOs had never been uploaded.
The Upload Routine didn't notice the fail with the log before. So it is impossible to upload the old and new QSOs. Not only with HRDLog, it happens the the other Online Logs too.
I don't want to upload any changes, there are no changes. I want to upload the QSOs after a Fail the day before. It seems not possible with CQRLOG or did I oversee something?

73 de Heinz-Juergen DO1YHJ