Connecting rig via Bluetooth module

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Connecting rig via Bluetooth module


I've purchased a bluetooth module for my FT-857D.
I've managed to create a bluetooth serial port.
Then I've binded rfcomm with ttyS99.
When I run CQRLOG bluetooth module gets connected to Linux (mint sarah).
So that's a sign that the module is working OK.
But it doesn't seem to get data from the rig (frequency) nor cannot control the rig (change freq after selecting one from the dx cluster window).

My settings are as follows:
rig model 122 ft857
device: /dev/ttys99
poll rate: 500 (unchanged)
port number: 4532 (unchanged)
serial speed/data bits/stop bits/parity: default

With my CAT cable I had serial speed set to 4800, the bluetooth module requires 9600. But when selecting manually it does not help.

Does anyone sucesfully connected rig via Bluetooth?

I have installed Blueman app. Connected to serial port rfcomm2
Now in CQRLOG in device field I've entered /dev/rfcomm2 ... but it doesn't work.
Also tried binding rfcomm2 with ttyUSB# but still the same.