Built in dual clock

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Built in dual clock

A dual clock, as part of CQRlog.
In separate window displaying UTC and local time.
That would be nice :)

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Re: Built in dual clock

Although it displays the moment of QSO begin (fixed), it is already there. Do you need running clock?

This is just to have a UTC in

This is just to have a UTC in general. When you waiting for contest to begin and end, and other events that are set using UTC.
Although there is UTC clock at the bottom of QSO list window, but it is too small to be noticed.

Thomas SP9TL (ex. SQ9LBE)

Dual clock

I use PyHamClock from https://www.aa6e.net/wiki/PyHamClock to get a UTC+Local time display on my desktop.

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Conky could do this