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Mode mismatch on import from eQSL

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Mode mismatch on import from eQSL


Over the last months, I have had several cases of eQSL's showing up as unconfirmed in my eQSL inbox (on When I check these claimed QSO's in CQRLOG I can find them, but with another mode; in particular, QSLs received for JT9, while I have them logged as FT8.

Usually, I just reject such cards as "incorrect mode", but then just recently I noticed that the CQRLog download from eQSL apparently had matched these JT9 QSL's to my FT8 QSO's, and tagged them as confirmed.

Perhaps there is some cross-matching for modes withing a mode-group (FT8 and JT9 both belong to DATA?). But when specifically logging as FT8, in my opinion a JT9 eQSL should not match.

For now, I manually edit and remove the eQSL rcvd date with "Edit details", but I feel this mismatch should not happen in the first place.

Hope to get some feedback on this issue.

73 de Anders, LA9NKA