access violation

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access violation

have cqrlog 2.1.0 (001) on 2 different computers one is linux mint 18.2 other ubuntu 16.04

on opening qso list and scrolling down a blank error window opens and program freezes at same point on both computers... here is dbug error...

select id_cqrlog_main from cqrlog_main order by qsodate,time_on LIMIT 1

select count(*) from cqrlog_main where (qsodate = '2015-10-08'and time_on <= '20:37') or qsodate < '2015-10-08' order by qsodate DESC, time_on DESC LIMIT 500

select * from view_cqrlog_main_by_qsodate where (qsodate = '2015-10-08'and time_on <= '20:37') or qsodate < '2015-10-08' LIMIT 500

TApplication.HandleException Access violation
Stack trace:

if i do a search for that date and time i can view that qso and all looks fine...

what have i done...

thanks for any help

frank kf4cq

access violation

HI !

I can confirm that I can do the same. So problem is not in log, but program.
Just scroll qso list up and down by keeping PgUP pr PgDN pressed and it will happen at the time program reads next 500 qsos to buffer.
It does not happen always, and not checked yet if the line of the log is same.

Any way it seems to be easy to reproduce.

In my log is just 1200 qsos and all from this year.

I hope Petr have time to check this. It is not fatal, but should get fixed some day.



access violation

Hi, again
Checked the code a bit instead of having qsos..... ;)
It looked like bug is related to situation where there are not any more 500 qsos left to read from database.

But understanding the process is bit complicated.

It seems also that this can happen any other place too if PgUp or PGDn keys are repeated too fast.
There is even a mention about crash in source code if page refresh button is repeated too fast.

Good things: easily to reproduced
Bad things: happens randomly if key speed is too high.

Embarrassing but not fatal bug that seems to be too hard for my skills.
We have to wait what Petr says about this.

Anyway: Do not worry about your log. The bug is not in log data, I think.