LoTw export ignores filter

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LoTw export ignores filter

Hi Everybody!

I have already posted this in the bugs-section of this forum two weeks ago, but no answer. Trying again here.

I've originally had this problem with cqrlog V. 2.0.2 (101) 2016-08-28 on Raspbian Stretch (on a Pi2), and I can reproduce it with cqrlog 2.2.0 from Petr's PPA on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

I am working from different QTHs and I have set up corresponding QTH profiles in cqrlog with corresponding station locations in tqsl/LOTW. I now try to upload all QSOs to LOTW which I made during christmas, when I was abroad. I set a filter on my QTH locator in cqrlog's qsl list , and I get the correct set of QSOs from Christmas displayed in the QSO list.

I now try to export these QSOs into an ADIF file for LOTW upload, expecting only these QSOs to be in the ADIF, however, ALL the QSOs in my log (fortunately not that many so far) appear in the ADIF. Looks like cqrlog is completely ignoring the filter during export, which is different from what is described in the manual (Quote from https://www.cqrlog.com/help/h7.html: "A suitable choice is a filter for date, QSL received etc.").

The same thing happens if I choose my QTH profile as a filter - I get a correct set of QSOs displayed, but ALL my QSOs are in the ADIF file.

Also, I'd expect that the exported QSOs are marked as exported when I set the check mark in the export dialog, but I do not see any marks or export dates in my log:-(

When I use the export function for QSL printing, everything works as expected - I only have the filtered QSOs in my .csv.

What am I doing wrong here, or is this a bug?

Many thanks for any help,