cqrlog 2.2.0 on HiDPI screen

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cqrlog 2.2.0 on HiDPI screen


I have some trouble runnung cqrlog 2.2.0 on a hidpi screen.

The download binary of cqrlog 2.2.0 is compiled for gtk2 and does not work properly in my kde environment (KDE 5.41, Plasma 5.11, QT 5.10). So I decided to recompile cqrlog with lazarus 1.8.0, fpc 3.0.4 and qt5 as LCL backend.

The result is really encouraging. Except the mutch to small font in the input fields. How can I fix that?

73 Detlef

PS: I would have added a screenshot, if I could find out, how to upload a file :-[

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Re: cqrlog 2.2.0 on HiDPI screen

Hi Detlef,

I'm sorry, I don't have any HiDPI screen at home and unfortunately also don't have any computer that could be used for HiDPI monitor :).

As far as I know Lazarus developer Ondrej Pokorny did a lot of changes to Lazarus code to have Hi DPI support. As far as I know, it has to be enabled in Project properties and I think I already did it. You can try to compile CQRLOG even with GTK2 and it should work.

You can try to change font size in Preferences -> fonts.

You can upload picture here, above the Preview button there is "Choose file" button where you can upload any image.

Thank you for testing HiDPI features! Icons are in old ico or png format, so no HiDPI ready at all :(.

73 Petr

Hi Petr,

Hi Petr,

the LCL-scaling option is not enabled in your published souce. I recompiled cqrlog with lcl-scaling enabled and gkt2. The result is quite encouraging but showes some bugs. All icons are really tiny. And some iunput elementes, especially the TStringGrid do not scale properly. Increasing the font size for the QSO list makes things even worse.

With the qt5 backend gui elements are scaled without enabling LCL-scaling. The shape of all elements and so the layout is fine. There is only something strange going on with the font size of the TInput elements. The surrouding box of all TInput elements is fine for 10pt font and does not change with next steps. With "use default settings" is checked in the cqrlog properties all TEdit and TCombobox have a to small content font size. But after unchecking "use default settings" the TInput elements font size increses to the right size, where as the combobox font size of the displayed text stayes the same. But the text inside the open/dropped down list has the right size. 8-)

Comparing the gui glitches of gtk2 and qt5 the latter one is nearly perfekt to me.

If you have any clue what the case with the comboboxes may be, I will enloy doing some further testings.

73 Detlef


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Re: Hi Petr,

Thank you for information!

I'm thinking about leaving GTK2 but have to wait for Ubuntu 18.04. With QT5 version I have to leave 16.04 support :(. Did you compile recent source code from GitHub? I did some changes in layout and form setting to solve the font issue with combo boxes.

QT5 version of Lazarus works very well, I use Lazarus 1.6 in Kubuntu Plasma LTS for testing but CQRLOG needs 1.8.

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Re: Hi Petr,

Could you try it again? I just pushed more changes, tested it also with qt5 build and it should be fixed. Thanks!

cqrlog with qt5

Hi Petr,

I'm using the source archive from the download. For my first try yesterday I used the nearly unmodified sources -- changd the Makefile and tweeked lnet and richmemo to compile with -dLCLQT5.

Today I had a look at the font issue and changed the newQSL form:
* set font size to zero on all widgets
* moved the panel with the online checkbox further to the right

The result looks really good. I did not play with the font properties in the cqrlog settings. A quick look at the other forms did not show obvious problems. Only the propergation form showed a to small content. But I think that is delivered from a different site.

I'll pull the git head tomorrow and have a look at your changes. As the next two days are planed out, I will come back not until Saturday.

73, Detlef

cqrlog with qt5

Hi Petr,

recently I compiled from git HEAD. Except two missing defines for QT5, everything is fine.

The fonts scale properly and the layout of the forms is flawless from what I have seen. I attach the patch with the two changes I made because of the missing defines.

Thanks a lot for your help!

73 detlef

diff --git a/src/lnet/lib/lclnet.pas b/src/lnet/lib/lclnet.pas
index 2877936..880d144 100644
--- a/src/lnet/lib/lclnet.pas
+++ b/src/lnet/lib/lclnet.pas
@@ -80,5 +80,9 @@ implementation
{$i lclgtkeventer.inc} // identical code ;)

+{$ifdef LCLQT5}
+ {$i lclgtkeventer.inc} // identical code ;)

diff --git a/src/richmemo/richmemofactory.pas b/src/richmemo/richmemofactory.pas
index 104df4f..4428dcf 100755
--- a/src/richmemo/richmemofactory.pas
+++ b/src/richmemo/richmemofactory.pas
@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ interface
{$ifdef LCLGtk2}{$undef NoRichMemo}{$endif}
{$ifdef LCLCocoa}{$undef NoRichMemo}{$endif}
{$ifdef LCLQt}{$undef NoRichMemo}{$endif}
+{$ifdef LCLQt5}{$undef NoRichMemo}{$endif}