Auto mark QSL: error "Transaction already active."

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Auto mark QSL: error "Transaction already active."


Since a few weeks I'm working with CQRlog in a attempt to leave one of the last Windows programs I use, for general logging (didn't find a suitable N1MM-replacement yet but still searching :-) ). I really like this piece of fine software.

Using the auto mark QSL function I stumbled across an error-box: Transaction already active. I could use it once but because I made a mistake (I chose first band/mode qso instead of first qso) I did a bulk edit on clearing the item QSL Sent. After that on retrying the Auto mark function I got the error.

I'm not sure this is a bug or operator error. How can i fix this? Thanks in advance.

73, Wijnand PA3HFJ.

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Re: Auto mark QSL: error "Transaction already active."

Hi there,

old bug report, but I came across the very same error when I wanted to bulk change the QSL_Sent status my QSO I've made today. I logged all QSO with empty QSL_S field. Now I wanted to change those QSO which have been ATNO callsigns into SB. When I do so with the "Auto mark QSL" feature, I get a "Transaction already active" message on no QSL_S status is changed.

Any idea what's going wrong?