fldigi and xml-rpc remote control

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fldigi and xml-rpc remote control


As I have not seen any comments or explanations (youtube videos) about using xml-rpc remote with cqrlog and fldigi I decided to play a bit (2nd time ever) with desktop recording program.

It is only with hope that someone who has Youtube account, good quality recording editor and English as native language could get inspiration to produce better video from this subject.

I do not go things through properly. Just noticed that I forgot to say that xml-rpc makes 2 (networked) computer usage possible. One having cqrlog and the other fldigi.
May be that is not so important than the property that you can get station information already before qso from HamQth.com and that you can see if you have had qsos before.

I also did not made any real qso as "my buttons" of fldigi are bit lost, as is my English because it has been quite long since my last voice conversation.

How ever, I hope this clears xml-rpc usage even a bit.