[SOLVED] Can't open old logs

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[SOLVED] Can't open old logs

I have been creating a new log each year (though I'm still using Log17 here in April 2018...). When I try to "Open new log" (from the "new QSO" window) and select, say, Log14 to see my 2014 QSOs, the "new QSO" window shows Log14 at the top but, as expected, the QSO list window is blank. I used to open these previous-years' QSO lists, though I don't remember the method, but am now finding that choosing either "Show QSO list" from the "New QSO" window, or "Refresh data" from the blank QSO-list screen, produces this error message:

qCQRLog: Field not found: "id_cqrlog_main"
Press OK... or Abort...

Advice on how to access all of this older data? CQRLog 2.2.0-001, Kubuntu 16.04.

PS: Thanks for your reply, Saku!

SOLVED: Can't open old logs

Solution was to open (e.g.) Log14, then "quit program" from the New QSO window. Restarting CQRLog opened with Log14 (since that was running when the program was quit) and the QSO list is now available.

--John K3GHH

Can't open old logs


Same message seen yesterday also with my beta testings with different logs.
There have been changes to sql fields but starting of the program/log opening should clear them out by itself. ( I remember like seeing that kind of code somewhere in sources)

Have you tried to accept with OK and then close cqrlog normally. I did that and next time I opened same log it did open without problems.

You just solved it while I was typing this :)