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Long County-field


Just happened to get error popup "Data too long for column county" when logging FT8. Right answer is "OK" then fix county field and save qso again.
County information was fetch from Hamqth.com that has data as "County: KDR#1130 EPC#23109 RDRC#393" there for that callsign.

Should we protect "county" field so that it would cut string from first space, or take only length that database field can hold ?
In that case there should maybe be similar protect for all NewQso fields. (bigger job...)

Or do we accept just that this can happen and right solution is answer OK (not Abort) and fix too long entry manually?


Another error popup that I have never managed to trace is that quite seldom I have popup box saying
"Date format '2018-06-01" is not valid (Abort/Ok). Date string format is just the same as NewQso/Date shows.
Answering OK and trying again will not help. Every time it has happened when logging wsjt-x qso.
After that error also manually logging with any other qso ends to same error popup.
Only way is to Abort, start cqrlog again and make new logging that always goes ok.

This have happened less than 5 times from date the latest Beta was released.
I wonder have anyone else got this kind of error ever?

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Long County-field

the "County: KDR#1130 EPC#23109 RDRC#393" is a meaningless garbage. Such data should be entered into Award field, because they are membership numbers.