My SQL problem with mint 18.3

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My SQL problem with mint 18.3

system Linux Mint 18.3 cinnamon 64-bit
cinnamon 3.6.6

All was ok before I update to cqrlog-2.3.0. Now the log shows the qso done before but when I want to log a new qso these messages appear :

"Database upgrade crashed with this error:
TMySQL57Connection : Error executing query: Duplicate column name 'rxfreq'

TMySQL57Connection : Error executing query: Unknown column 'prop_mode' in 'field list'. "

And when I want to close the program there is this message :

"Q : Field not found : "RxFreq".

Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption.
Press Abort to kill the program."

What can I do to do the repair the right way ?
73 from Normandy

My SQL problem with mint 18.3

Hi !

Look Petr's answer at the end of this chain


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Re: My SQL problem with mint 18.3

Small how to with more details:

Before you run CQRLOG go to ~/.config/cqrlog/cqrlog_login.cfg and change
AutoOpen to 0, it has to be:

Save the file, run cqrlog and let the database window with list of logs opened.
Now open a terminal and enter this command:

mysql -S ~/.config/cqrlog/database/sock

MySQL console appears, inset these statements one by one, some of them may ended with an error, that is OK:

use cqrlog001;
alter table cqrlog_main drop column prop_mode;
alter table cqrlog_main drop column rxfreq;
alter table cqrlog_main drop column satellite;
update db_version set nr = 14;

now enter quit; and the console will be closed. Close the cqrlog, run it again and it will upgrade the database. If you have more logs with the same error, you can use the same list of statements but instead of cqrlog001; enter cqrlog002; for the second log etc.