Country files addendum

While searching for Antarctica info I discovered many sources with CE9 prefix assigned to Antarctica. Unfortunately CE9 is used also for South Shetlands. Other prefixes are also ambiguous (R1A, KC4, LU/Z, VK0, VP8 etc.). It seems most likely that only unambiguous prefix assigned to Antarctica is ZL5 and FT#Y (# = any number), however ZL5 seems more easy to handle. Therefore all my records of Antarctica were changed to ZL5.


Screen size

I have tried CQRLOG on an Asus EEEPC which displays only 1024X600. This makes it impossible to se the bottom buttons to save or discard. Is it possible to do something about this?


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RE: Screen size

Hi Ebbe,

this question should be in Forum, not here.

Buttons Save and Quit are not important. You can use hotkeys like Enter for save qso and ESC for clear New QSO window. List of these hot keys is in help.

73 Petr, OK2CQR