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CQRLOG user name change

Does anyone know how to edit an existing CQRLOG name to a new name? I want to change (Edit) my user name here at CQRLOG and don't know how? My FCC call sign has changed and I want to update my CQRLOG name,to reflect the change. My current user name is KN4OVF and my new call sign is W4AFJ. HELP!

CQRLOG user name change

As your call changed I think it is best to create a new log for new call.
That way all your LOTW/eQSL/cublogs do not get mixed.
NewQso/File/Open or create new log/Utils/Configuration/Export Export your current log's settings to file.
Then create a new log with button "new log". Select log with one click (gets blue)
Utils/Configuration/Import Import your old settings from file
After that button "Open log".

When it is open go NewQSO/File/preferences/Station and change callsign.
You will probably need to change also:
- online log upload
- callbook support
- lotx/eqsl support
- membership
And from DXCluster window/Select/Edit all connections to DXClusters
as all of these listed can refer to your old callsign.
(this is how I did it for year 2017 when all OH stations were allowed to use OF prefix for Finland 100 years jubilee)

It is up to you if it is worth of exporting/importing/change old log settings, or just simply create a new log and type all new values in preferences.

And if you do not want to do that just make all log/qsl uploads up to date and after that just change NewQSO/File/Preferences/station/callsign.
But be warned that your old call may appear in many settings of preferences.