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QSL Labels

Is there anyway to pick or mark certain qso's from the show qso list and create a filter from the ones selected to export for QSL Printing? Am I missing something simple here?
Say I received 8 new QSL cards in the mail and I want to create a filter for just those 8 so that I can print a label for each, how would I go about that?

QSL Labels

Did you try "QSL > QSL sent > Will send" or Ctrl-W from the Window "QSO List" ?
If you just want to answer received QSLs or print some calls of special interest, it's easy to use.

In "QSL > Export for label printing" dialog, you could chose, which markings you want to print. If you did not select a filter, cqrlog will only look at the last 500 QSOs (a message appears). So probably you should create a filter, e.g. last year or marked QSL.

73 de Rolf, DL3LAR

I can make that work. Thank

I can make that work. Thank you for your response.