You should update to WSJT-X v2.0, NOW!

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You should update to WSJT-X v2.0, NOW!

ONCE MORE: As soon as possible after December 10, and certainly by
January 1, 2019, everyone should be using WSJT-X 2.0 or a compatible
v2.0 version of derivative programs such as JTDX or MSHV. As of today,
PSKreporter statistics show roughly 3000 users of WSJT-X versions older
than v1.9.1, 9500 users of v1.9.1, and 3000 users of v2.0-rc#. Please,
everyone, help us to spread the word that upgrading to v2.0 after
December 10 is very important. There will be no looking back!

-- 73, Joe, K1JT (for the WSJT Development Group)

There is difference in message decoding format in v2.0. 77bit messages can support special callsigns, contest reports and have better decode.
While the transform happens you may like to use old version v1.9.x and the new v2.0 together as they CAN NOT cross decode messages.

If you have 2 monitors and can install both versions (installing from package directly will update/downgrade the other version and so needs "little adjusting" = copy contents to other subfolder before installing second package) you can use both at same time
Modify v1.9.x icon or start menu item to have parameter "-r old" (i.e. "wsjtx -r old") that way you can get both versions running at same time.

Cqrlog CQ-monitor will work as normal. Decodes from both versions are shown together. The only difference is that double click on decoded line does not always start TX. At first test I started v2.0 first, v1.9.2 second and it seems that double click from CQ-monitor is received by the second wsjtx.
But this is not completely tested yet.

The main thing is that even when running 2 versions at same time your worked before calls and locators are still up to date in CQ-monitor.

It is a pity that Joe's team did not make a "destruction code" for v1.9.x. The transition period may be painfully long if there is "no obligation to upgrade".
I hope that the contesting feature is the one that makes the "need" fast.

I like to believe that cqrlog users are so intelligent that they upgrade their wsjtx fast.

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PLEASE NOTE: As far as WSJT-X 2.0 (RC4, RC5, and GA releases) are
concerned, signals using the old FT8 protocol are undecodable
interference. This means that regenerated replicas cannot be
subtracted from received data, and consequently second- and third-pass
decodes may be impeded. Full performance of the 77-bit decoder will
not be realized until most signals on a crowded band are using the
new FT8 protocol.