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Hello, I am looking for the configuration file ic-7610, I can not find it in hamlib list?

73 f5jqf Yves

edit: the problem is solved !..

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Did you get the IC-7610 working with CQROG?

I cannot get TRX control working.

Msg from rig: RPRT -13
RPRT -11
Sending: fmv

Rich, K0PIR

Best Wishes,
Rich, K0PIR

Hamlib source code can be

Hamlib source code can be found from GitHub. There the file src/rig.c holds the error code definitions:
List starts from RPRT -0. So we can count errors -13 and -11 to be:

RPRT -11 "Feature not available", that is normal with Icom. They do not support the "v" (show vfo) part of cqrlog's query string "fmv" but cqrlog will work without that ok.

RPRT-13 "Communication bus error", you have some problem(s) with rig connection.
Is the baud rate correct?
If you are using USB it might be that highest speed 115200 does not work properly (at least with my ic7300 it causes random errors).
The highest speed that icom can use with USB and CI-V socket connected together is 19200. That is fast enough and works very reliable.

At Icom's side you have to disable setting "CI-V tranceive" and if you use USB cable instead of CI-V remote cable you have to enable "CI-V USB Echo Back". Without these rigctld will not work properly.

* Careful, the order must be the same as their RIG_E* counterpart!
* TODO: localise the messages..
static const char *rigerror_table[] =
"Command completed successfully",
"Invalid parameter",
"Invalid configuration",
"Memory shortage",
"Feature not implemented",
"Communication timed out",
"IO error",
"Internal Hamlib error",
"Protocol error",
"Command rejected by the rig",
"Command performed, but arg truncated, result not guaranteed",
"Feature not available",
"Target VFO unaccessible",
"Communication bus error",
"Communication bus collision",
"NULL RIG handle or invalid pointer parameter",
"Invalid VFO",
"Argument out of domain of func",


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IC-7610 is a part of hamlib v. 3.3. since 2018/08/20. Please upgrade hamlib!

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Yeah I have it installed and it connects but it doesn't read the freq, change modes, etc. I've tried many different settings, but it does not work for me.

I get that debug ouput above and am wondering what it means.

Rich, K0PIR

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Rich, K0PIR

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Re: IC-7610

Can't help you, no Icom here but the outdated hamlib is one of most frequent source of problems. The another one is NOT checked option "Run rigctls when program starts". Rigctld MUST run, start it separately ot check the appropriate box in Preferences. Anyway, fire up CQRlog from the terminal and save the output. Put it here, we can possibly look where the problem is.


Hi Rich,

the ICOM has a lot of settings. I put the settings for my environment here:
Give it a try or post your settings here, so we can have a look ...

73, Rolf

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Thank you all for the information. It was helpful.

I could not get it to work with my USB cable, but I did get it connected with my CI-V cable. The baud rate is 19200.

I'll look into the USB cable connection issues another time. For now I am just going to get things setup and running.

Thank you again.

Best 73,
Rich, K0PIR

Best Wishes,
Rich, K0PIR

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I got the USB cable working with my 7300 and it works with my 7610 to. The settings I had to use are:

Icom 7300:
CI-V USB Baud Rate: Auto
Echo Back: On
CI-V Transceive: Off

Those are different than what I have seen.

Serial Parameters: Everything is set to the default except RTS and DTR, they are off.

My setup is slightly different, but the important thing is they are working.

Thank you and Happy New Year,

Rich, K0PIR

Best Wishes,
Rich, K0PIR