Files disapear...

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Files disapear...

Hi to all,
I recently made a system upgrade (inside ubuntu 16.04) and now my 3 CQRLOG-logs have disapeard totaly. I made logs saves, but the disapear as well. The .config/database directory only contains cqrlog001 and cqrlog_common. I have save files on an auxiliary disk but don't know what to restore.
Any help ?

PS : Problem solved. Linux/ubuntu update had cleared directory and put all files in the trash...

Files disapear...


They should not disappear.
Right folder is .config/cqrlog/database, not .config/databse. (typing error, perhaps?)

If you have copied complete .config/cqrlog folder (with subfolders) to aux drive just rename current ".config/cqrlog" to ".config/cqrlogcur" and after that copy folder cqrlog from you aux drive to folder .config
Cqrlog program must be closed during copying.

Start cqrlog and see if you have all logs with all qsos. If everything is ok you can delete .config/cqrlogcur
If not, and there was something more in cqrlogcur than you have now you have to decide which one you will keep.

First COPY current .config/cqrlog to .config/cqrlogaux anyway.

After that you can switch back to cqrlogcqur by closing cqrlog, then copying .config/cqrlogcur folder over .config/cqrlog folder.
Star cqrlog and export needed logs to adif, close cqrlog and copy .config/cqrlogaux over .config/cqrlog and start cqrlog.
Again export needed logs, or import previous adif if you decide to keep this cqrlog as the "official" one.


Thank you for the advices

Thank you for the advices Saku.
I did other way. I started from scratch, defined new logs (for each call sign I have) and imported the datas from save files in ADIF format from aux drive.
Long importing time (over 60.000 QSO), but now is every thing OK.
This ubuntu update made other disasters : my libreoffice macros all destroyed.