data from lin-hpsdr to cqrlog (rigctl?)

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data from lin-hpsdr to cqrlog (rigctl?)

is it possible the data (qrg,mode,etc) from lin-hpsdr online sync to cqr-log?.. if so then how?
thanks for answering
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data from lin-hpsdr to cqrlog (rigctl?)

I do not know lin-hpsdr but a quick google search leads to GitHub.
The project purpose is a bit unclear (there is no description what that program does), but looking at source files it seems like it is emulating rigctl (not rigctld).

I might be wrong.

If it supports TCP connection (defaults to port 4532) with rigctl(d) command set it can be used with cqrlog.
If it just gives a terminal like , then no.

But I saw one ham telling he has run wsjt-x with that when I was googling. That sounds like it could work.
If it accepts connection from running rigctld (with some parameters) then cqrlog could connect to that rigctld:

cqrlog->rigctld->lin-hpsdr->sdr device

In that case cqrlog rig model would be 2 (Net Hamlib rigctld) and no serial port definition is needed, just the TCP port (4532)
And uncheck "Run rigctld at program start"

Hard to say details as subject is not familiar for me.