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posting to cluster problem **solved**

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posting to cluster problem **solved**

i've sussed it - and as i thought... i'm an idiot

the cluster was connecting to the web - cqrlog actually told me i should disconnect from the web - did i listen, no - now using telnet connection and its doing what it should.


original post below


i'm sure i'm doing something wrong but i dont seem to be able to post a spot..

i've been connecting to hamqth, my login and passwords are all correct and the dx clusetr windows is reporting and updating - however when i want to send a spot everything seems fine but once asking for it to make the spoty it doesnt appear on the cluster..

i've read old stuff on the forum - tried different things but i dont seem to be able resolve it...

i am not a big cluster user but i'm wondering if its i updated to 19 as the last time i used it it was fine... i think that was before 19 though...

any ideas - am i just blind to an easy answer...

Mint 19 - Tara

Thanks in advance :-)